Creating a Feeling of Belonging. Solidarity in Finnish Kink Communities


  • Johanna Pohtinen


Kinky sexuality is often stigmatized in Finnish culture. Therefore, kink communities are vital for creating safe spaces for people who identify as kinky. In this article, I discuss the ways in which the sense of belonging is created in the Finnish kink communities, in particular in their kink events. In kink communities solidarity acts as an important aspect in creating a feeling of belonging. It manifests in shared experiences and knowledge, etiquette rules and consensuality, dressing up in fetish attire and volunteer work at associations. Through interviews, written kinky life stories and participant observation I have examined the experiences of individuals, myself included, to obtain an understanding of the kink phenomenon and the elements that contribute to the sense of belonging. For some people it is important to be able to attend kink events and have face-to-face encounters, whereas others are part of a community online. Yet, the mere existence of the kink community might be enough for an individual to achieve a feeling of belonging to a community.

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Pohtinen, J. (2017). Creating a Feeling of Belonging. Solidarity in Finnish Kink Communities. SQS – Suomen Queer-Tutkimuksen Seuran Lehti, 10(1–2), 21–34.