Writing on Man or Animal

  • Ruth I. Meserve


The ancient history of Central Eurasia abounds in examples of writing
styles and mediums from notched sticks and knotted strings, to writing on
tree leaves and bark, incising tombstones, casting coinage or blocking on
paper money, to the artistic production of elaborately illuminated manuscripts.
One area of "script" often overlooked is literally the writing on
man or animal. Just as with written documents, there were customs and/or
regulations which governed where to affix such signs. Whether attached to
a document or physically imprinted on man or animal, each had to be
authenticated. The application of such seals or stamps (state or private)
were often secured as legal testament with an expected effect or ensuing
consequences if disregarded. Like their counterparts on documents, such
signs on man or animal had a wide range of application.
May 9, 2014
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