La derrota granadina en las Lomas de Diego Díaz (1483)

  • Juan Abellán Pérez


Following the conquest of Alhama by the Marquis of Cadiz, there began the
first phase of the war of Granada, which took place on the western border of the
Nazari kingdom of Granada. This would bring a heavy human and economic
burden to the city of Jerez de la Frontera. With continuous financial contributions,
council coffers dwindled considerably. The outbursts of war were constant
in those years, and although reports of Muslims entering Christian lands
were not always truthful, local militias remained in a state of permanent alert.
The news of an incursion in September 1483 were true, however, resulting in
a clash with the militias favorable to Jerez. The spoils from battle and a large
number of prisoners allowed the rescue of the officers and gentlemen of Jerez de
la Frontera, who had fallen into captivity in the Malagan Ajarquía disaster a few
months before.
Jul 31, 2015
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