Algerische Literatur im achtzehnten Jahrhundert


  • Marek M. Dziekan


While the culture of Northern Africa found itself in decline from the fifteenth century onwards, it is not the case that those times were lacking in interesting poets or writers. Until now, the study of Arabic literature under Ottoman domination (not only in North Africa) has remained blurry compared to that of Arabic history and culture. Besides the historiography developed in Algeria in the eighteenth century, one finds poetry in the form of Qaṣīda and folk Malḥūn, as well as the itinerary (Riḥla). To show the vitality of Arabic literature in the Maghreb, this paper focuses on some notable authors, such as Muḥammad Ibn ʿAlī al-Ǧazā  ʾirī (1st half of the 18th century), Aḥmad Ibn ʿAmmār al-Ǧazā ʾirī (d. c.1790) and Abū Rās al-Muʿaskarī (1737–1824).



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