Economía de los Centros de Culto del Reino de Granada: Los bienes habices de la mezquita y rábitas del Padúl (Valle de Lecrín, Granada)

  • Manuel Espinar Moreno


This study is about endowment goods of the Padul, a place located in the Lecrin Valley (Granada). The news contributed by the surveyors and connoisseurs of these goods help show how they were used by the religious centers of the various districts of this population. The paper details Moslem mosques and rábitas that were turned into churches and hermitages by the Christians, as well as news on urban  and  rustic  goods  donated  by  Muslim  believers  to  meet  the  expenses  of the alfaquíes and buildings dedicated to the cult. Such goods were destined for students,  the  needy,  captives,  and  the  conservation  of  alminar.  As  the  greater mosque of Granada and the one of the Chite have some endowment goods in the Padul, this study offers an important data set about the economy and Muslim society in the kingdom of Granada.
Dec 13, 2013