Arctos vol. LIII (2019) has been published. Old volumes of Arctos available for free!


Arctos vol. LIII (2019) has been published, see here!

The publication is for sale in Tiedekirja. The articles of Arctos LIII will be made available in open-access form exactly one year after the publication of the printed volume. The book reviews are published in open-access form immediately. However, a corrected version of Olli Salomies' article "Latin Cognomina Ending in -illianus" is made available right away, since footnotes 12 and 13 were not reproduced in the printed volume due to software problems.

Simultaneously, the editors of Arctos have the pleasure of announcing the publication of all the previous volumes of Arctos [I (1954) – LII (2018)], along with the supplementa I (1968) and II (1985), as well as the two volumes of the old series (1930 and 1931) in open-access form on this website.  The articles and reviews have been re-licensed with the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC standard. Please have a look at our archives here and discover the riches of the past 90 years of classical scholarship! 


Contents of Arctos LIII (2019): 

Tommi Alho: In sulphuream Papistarum conspirationem exercitia: Retelling the Gunpowder Plot at the King’s School, Canterbury (1665–84), pp. 9–36.

Antonino Crisà : After a Trip: The Effects of Augustus’ Propaganda in Sicily through Historical, Numismatic and Archaeological Sources, pp. 37–69. 

Urpo Kantola : Bemerkungen zu griechischen Inschriften mit römischen Namen, pp. 69–82.

Christian Laes: Lectors in the Latin West: The Epigraphical Evidence (c. 300–800), pp. 83–128.

Jenna Rice: “Just Rage”: Causes of the Rise in Violence in the Eastern Campaigns of Alexander the Great, pp. 129–156.

Ronald Ridley: Vicit disciplina militaris, vicit imperii maiestas? Livy 8.30–35, pp. 157–184.

Olli Salomies: Latin Cognomina Ending in -illianus, pp. 185–210

Heikki Solin: Analecta Epigraphica 327–330, pp. 211–218.

Toivo Viljamaa: Words or Sounds? — Ancient Grammarians on Interjections, pp. 219–248. 

Ian Worthington: Augustus’ Annoyance with Athens, pp. 247–254.


De novis libris iudicia, pp. 255–309.

Index librorum in hoc volumine recensorum, pp. 310–312.

Libri nobis missi, pp. 313–315.

Index scriptorum, p. 316.


All articles and book reviews of Arctos 53 are licensed according to the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC standard.


On behalf of the Editorial Team of Arctos

Lassi Jakola

Executive Editor and Secretary