Arctos vol. LIV (2020) has been published! All the articles of Arctos vol. LIII (2019) have become available in open-access form.


Arctos vol. LIV (2020) has been published, see here!

The publication is for sale in Tiedekirja. The articles of Arctos LIV will be made available in open-access form one year after the publication of the printed volume. The book reviews are published in open-access form immediately.

Furthermore, the editors of Arctos have the pleasure of announcing that all the articles of the Arctos vol. LIII (2019) have been made available in open-access form.


Contents of Arctos LIV (2020): 

Christer Bruun: Transfer of Property in an Ostian Professional Corpus: Sexti Sextilii and Lucii Iulii among the lenuncularii in CIL XIV 251, and a Possible Effect of the ‘Antonine Plague’, pp. 9–32.

Ann Brysbaert, Irene Vikatou & Hanna Stöger: Highways and Byways in Mycenaean Greece: Human–environment Interactions in Dialogue, pp. 33–94.

Gabriel Evangelou: Strategies of Reconciliation in Cicero’s Private and Public Life, pp. 95–122.

Paolo Garofalo: Romolo e i katharmoi per la morte di Tito Tazio: presso la “selva” o la “porta” Ferentina? (note di storia e topografia romana), pp. 123–140.

Antti Ijäs: Greek Papyri of Pragmatic Literature on Combat Technique (P. Oxy. III 466 and LXXIX 5204), pp. 141–165.

Kai Juntunen: The Incident at Elegeia: The Meaning of στρατόπεδον in Ioannes Xiphilinus' Epitome of Cassius Dio (S.297,14–21), pp. 167–196.

Nikoletta Kanavou: Two Rare Names from Inscriptions in the Archaeological Museum of Messenia, pp. 197–200.

Tuomo Nuorluoto: The Nomenclature of (Claudia) Livia, "Livilla", pp. 201–206.

Tristan Power: The Text of Catullus 6,12–14, pp. 207–211.

Dimitris Roumpekas: Aloe in the Greek Papyri of Greco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt: A Contribution Concerning the Aloe Supply and Use in Antiquity, pp. 213–225.

Olli Salomies: Some Eloquent Imperial Senators. pp. 227–240.

Heikki Solin: Analecta Epigraphica 331–336, pp. 241–255.

Kaius Tuori: Breaking Chairs: Sella Curulis in Roman Law, Identity and Memory, pp. 257–284.

Eeva-Maria Viitanen: Painting Signs in Ancient Pompeii: Contextualizing scriptores and Their Work, pp. 285–331.

Mark Janse: The Sociolinguistic Study of Ancient Greek and Latin: Review Article, pp. 333–355.

Kaius Tuori: Spatial Theories and the Study of Ancient (Roman) Urbanism: Review Article, pp. 357–378.


De novis libris iudicia, pp. 379–436.

Index librorum in hoc volumine recensorum, pp. 437–438.

Libri nobis missi, pp. 439–441.

Index scriptorum, p. 442.


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