Arctos vol. LVI (2022) has been published! All the articles of Arctos vol. LV (2021) have become available in open-access form.


Arctos vol. LVI (2022) has been published, see here!

The publication is for sale in Tiedekirja. The articles of Arctos LVI will be made available in open-access form one year after the publication of the printed volume. The book reviews are published in open-access form immediately.

Furthermore, the editors of Arctos have the pleasure of announcing that all the articles of the Arctos vol. LV (2021) have been made available in open-access form.


Contents of Arctos LVI (2022): 

Maxwell Hardy: Ovid’s Public Poetry: Tristia 5,1,23–4, pp. 9–26.

Paul Hosle: An 'Ars Poetica' Acrostic in a Poem by Albertino Mussato, pp. 27–32.

Ilkka Kuivalainen: From Affection to Violence: The Treatment of Animals in Pompeian Sculpture, pp. 33–56.

Tuomo Nuorluoto: An Unpublished Latin Inscription from Castelnuovo di Porto Including a New Nomen with the Suffix -aienus, pp. 57–64.

Włodzimierz Olszaniec: A Corruption in Ciris 530?, pp. 65–68.

Leena Pietilä-Castrén: A Note an a Helmeted Marble Head in a Finnish Art Museum, pp. 69–82.

Olli Salomies: Latin cognomina in -illianus (Addendum) and Nomina in -inus,, pp. 83–100. 

Heikki Solin: Analecta Epigraphica, pp. 101–110.

Jyri Vaahtera: Bibulus and the Hieromenia (ἱερομηνία) of 59 BC, pp. 111–126.

Jamie Vesterinen: Generals' Dreams before Battle: An Overview of a Recurring Motif in Ancient Historiography (4th c. BC – 3rd c. AD), pp. 127–188.

De novis libris iudicia, pp. 189–254.

Index librorum in hoc volumine recensorum, pp. 255–258.

Libri nobis missi, pp. 259–266.

Index scriptorum, p. 267.


All articles and book reviews of Arctos LVI are licensed according to the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC standard.


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