Introducing the Editorial Board of Ethnologia Fennica


Ethnos has approved the new members of the editorial board of Ethnologia Fennica and is proud to present our updated list of members. Editorial board consists of esteemed colleagues and experts in the field of ethnology and related field of studies, and our editorial team looks forward working with them all.

The members of the editorial board from 2022 are:

Professor Janusz Barański from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Professor Coppélie Cocq from Umeå University, Professor Michaela Fenske from the University of Würzburg, Professor Maja Povrzanović Frykman from Malmö University, Professor Art Leete from the University of Tartu, Assistant Professor Tim Frandy from the Western Kentucky University, Assistant Professor Katja Hrobat Virloget from the University of Primorska, Koper, Associate Professor Fredrik Nilsson from Åbo Akademi University, Associate Professor Dan Podjed from the Institute for Slovenian Ethnology, and Dr. Sophie Elpers from the Meertens Institut of University of Amsterdam.

We warmly welcome you all to join our editorial team!