Research Articles

Manuscripts submitted for the article section (both research and review articles) may not exceed 10,000 words.

All articles must include the following:

  • a 200-word abstract
  • a short list of keywords
  • a list of references or bibliography
  • acknowledgments in the first footnote

A guiding structure and contents of a research article in Ethnologia Fennica is as follows:

Introduction introduces the research topic, research question (one main question is enough for an article), and explains how the research contributes to the existing scholarship about the topic. Introduction also mentions the methodological and theoretical framework used in the article. This section should also include information about the research project that the paper ties with. Ideally, this chapter is about 2-3 pages long.

Material and methods section introduces the methods of producing the material (e.g. ethnographic fieldwork, archival research) and the case/community/area where research was conducted and interview/archive/other materials used in the analysis. This section must also include ethical considerations. This section can also include the chosen theoretical perspective applied in the analysis of the material. This chapter can be about 2-3 pages long.

Theoretical Section introduces the key theoretical concepts used in the article. This may be tied together with introduction or methodology and earlier research.

Analysis chapters make reference to the research material and chosen theoretical perspectives, represents examples and excerpts of research material and author’s interpretations. There can be 2-4 analysis chapters each 2-5 pages long.

Conclusions summarize the key finds and answer to the research question set in the introduction. It is also important to reflect on the results in the light of chosen methods and concepts, and evaluate the knowledge that they have produced and the contribution it makes to earlier research. It is recommended that this chapter does not introduce any new literature but makes use of references introduced earlier.

Sources include both research material and bibliography. Research material can be listed according to different categories such as interviews, field notes, archival records, media materials/surveys etc. It is important to mention when and by whom the material was produced and where it can be found. Detailed examples of how to name and list sources can be found below under title “Sources”. References should include ethnological research as key bibliography.

The article text must include these sections but some of these sections can feature together (e.g. theory and methods).  The author can order and name the chapters freely.

In addition to these, the submission should include a 200-word abstract and a short list of keywords.

The texts need go through language revision prior to submitting, and additional round after the revisions. Support for language revisions services can be considered for Ethnos members (please consult the Editors-in-Chiefs in advance in this matter).