Availability of old articles


Väestöliitto, The Family Federation of Finland, has digitized all 1946-1999 issues of the Finnish Yearbook of Population Research.

The articles will be republished in an electronic format free of charge and open to all researchers, students, and others with an interest in the subjects. The goal is to increase awareness of Finnish population research and its history, increase openness of research and the use of older materials in scientific research. Väestöliitto is grateful to Kone Foundation who provided a grant for the digitization of Yearbook articles.

Authors or their descendants who have published in the 1946-1999 have been contacted in order to request permission. However, we have not been able to reach all authors. In case authors (or their descendants) of said issues of the Yearbook are opposed to publication of their material in the new format they are kindly requested to contact the editors of the Yearbook.

More information

Anna Rotkirch
Editor-in-Chief, Director
Väestöliitto (Family Federation of Finland)
tel. +358-40-7763086

Tiina Helamaa
Secretary, Information specialist
Väestöliitto (Family Federation of Finland)