Socioeconomic resources and family formation among young Finnish adults


  • Anneli Miettinen


emplyment, education, income, parenthood, family formation, childbearing


How do individuals’ employment or financial resources affect childbearing in Finland? Are these resources equally important to men and women, or in couples?

This study examines the relationship between individuals’ socioeconomic resources – employment, education, and income– and entry into parenthood. The results show that employment stability is a key prerequisite for family formation among young adults in Finland. Being unemployed or having fewer financial
resources is related to postponement of parenthood in most population groups, notably among those who are approaching age 30, or above it. A lack of economic resources appears to be an obstacle to family formation at several stages: first through union formation, and next, within unions. The associations are very similar among men and women, indicating that policies that support gender equality in employment are advantageous to childbearing.




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Miettinen, A. (2023). Socioeconomic resources and family formation among young Finnish adults. Finnish Yearbook of Population Research, 57.