Regional Differences of Child Under-Nutrition in Bangladesh

  • Byomkesh Talukder
Keywords: Bangladesh, division, under-nutrition, regional differences


Despite recent progress shown by some of the indicators of Millennium Development
Goals in Bangladesh, the nutritional status among all children of the country is not
so satisfactory. Growing evidence suggest that there exist regional differences in child
under-nutrition in Bangladesh. The present article is an attempt to identify the regional
differences of child under-nutrition across six divisions of Bangladesh and to understand
some of the determinants of under-nutrition using DHS-2007 Bangladesh dat. This data
focus on under-nutrition and some of the determinants related to household, child and
mother. A multivariate model was employed to study the regional differences of undernutrition
status among children. Across the divisions, a variation of under-nutrition is
observed among the children. The prevalence of under-nutrition is statistically significant
in poor households. Economics status, mothers’ education, children’s age, number of family
members and duration of breastfeeding are important determinants of under-nutrition
across divisions. Child under-nutrition in Bangladesh is still a concern for the household
with poor economic status. The article calls for improvement of the economic status of the
households across divisions keeping in view the nature of inequality in childhood undernutrition
in the country and its differential characteristics across the divisions.

Jan 1, 2013
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