Serial migrants and one-time migrants

The transnational lives of highly skilled Finns working in Europe

  • Saara Koikkalainen University of Helsinki
Keywords: Intra-European migration, Liquid migration, Highly-skilled mobility, Mobility capital, European Union


Europe is home to a globally unique area, where it is possible for the majority of Europeans to study, work, or retire in a wide geographical area. Based on two consecutive online surveys and 18 biographical interviews, the article examines the experiences of young, highly educated Finns living abroad in 12 EU countries. The article focuses on two types of migrants: one-time migrants with limited previous international experience and serial migrants with mobility capital accumulated during previous international experiences. The article concludes that this mobility capital, is a major factor influencing the likelihood of onward migration. The article also contributes to the understanding of Europe as a transnational area where various forms of mobility coexist as mobile Europeans look for study and career opportunities and suitable lifestyles abroad.

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Sep 23, 2019
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Koikkalainen, S. (2019). Serial migrants and one-time migrants: The transnational lives of highly skilled Finns working in Europe. Finnish Yearbook of Population Research, 53, 111-130.