Teachers’ pedagogical work with children’s fundamental motor skills in early childhood education centres



fundamental motor skills, physical activity, learning environment, teachers' work


The aim of this exploratory study is to analyse teachers’ pedagogical work in supporting children’s learning of fundamental motor skills (FMS) in early childhood education (ECE) centres. The study highlights teachers’ experiences and knowledge regarding their pedagogical work with FMS. The study was conducted in Finland, and the respondents in this qualitative and inductive study consisted of 16 ECE teachers. The empirical data consisted of semi-structured interviews. The data was analysed by content analysis with a conventional approach. The results show, among other things, a variety of different factors affecting pedagogical work with children’s FMS. Teachers make conscious pedagogical considerations during guided physical-activity lessons and in everyday life to support children’s learning of FMS. The results of the study show teachers’ versatile efforts that have significant consequences for the pedagogical work of supporting children’s learning of FMS in ECE centres.