Los pronombres personales en un habla gallega


  • Aquilino Santiago Alonso Núñez Universidade de Vigo


Galician, Morphology, Personal pronoum, Dialectology


This paper studies the use of personal pronouns in the Galician speech of the municipality of Castrelo do Val (Province of Ourense, Spain). The study begins with an introductory chapter in which the objectives of the research and the methods used in it are briefly discussed, as well as the dialectal characterization of the speech analyzed. Then, the tonic forms of the personal pronoun are analyzed, both nominative and non-nominative. The nominative forms used in the municipality studied are contextualized in the dialectal continuum formed by Galician and Portuguese. In addition, the contractions of el, ela, eles and elas with some prepositions and other elements are presented. The paper ends with some conclusions based on the data collected in the speech analyzed.




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Alonso Núñez, A. S. (2023). Los pronombres personales en un habla gallega. Neuphilologische Mitteilungen, 124(2), 6–58. https://doi.org/10.51814/nm.124839