The awaited miracle: reflections of Marian apparitions in Garabandal, Spain


  • Niklas Sjöström Åbo Akademi University


Pilgrims and pilgrimages -- Christianity, Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965), Miracles, Christians -- Spain, Mary, Virgin -- Appearances, Experience (Religion) -- Christianity, Apparitions, Voyages and travels, Catholic Church, Garabandal (Spain), Ecstasy


This article reflects upon Marian apparitions that occurred during the years 1961 to 1965 in the village of San Sebastián de Garabandal, or Garabandal, in northern Spain, giving rise to pilgrimages ever since. The events coincided with the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, or Vatican II. Garabandal is the only Marian apparition event to have prophesied and commented on Vatican II. Nevertheless, in Christendom, travelling to Garabandal is regarded as an alternative pilgrimage.The pilgrimage route is in several ways unique compared to journeys to other Marian pilgrimage shrines, since it has not yet been approved by the Catholic Church. Pilgrimages to Garabandal were even officially forbidden for several years. The Catholic Church authorities originally declared travelling to Garabandal as forbidden for church officials such as priests and others. This article gives an overview of the case of Garabandal through the years and reflect upon why this place is considered special in comparison to other pilgrimage sites. The study examines such aspects of pilgrimages to this village as location and motivation, the Virgin Mary and Marian apparitions and also the messages and miracles of Garabandal. 



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Sjöström, N. (2010). The awaited miracle: reflections of Marian apparitions in Garabandal, Spain. Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis, 22, 353–367.