Sortes virtuales: a comparative approach to digital divination

  • Jørgen Sørensen University of Copenhagen
Keywords: Information technology, Divination, Internet, Digital media, Media and religion, Social media, Virtual reality, Divination in the Bible, Culture and religion -- China, Ritual, Ifa (Religion), Africa, West, Judaism, Neopaganism


Divination, or at least that branch of it that was once called inductive divin­ation, may perhaps be considered an early form of information technology: it involves an input of information as well as an output of information, and between them, there is a process of random access to a kind of retrieval system. At any rate, divination has proven to be almost the ideal form of religious practice for the internet; in principle, at least, an act of divination may be fully accomplished on a personal computer. This paper comparatively explores a number of perspectives on these relatively recent developments, which may possibly also help us towards a more qualified understanding of traditional forms of divination.
Jan 1, 2013
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Sørensen, J. (2013). Sortes virtuales: a comparative approach to digital divination. Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis, 25, 181-188.