Islam's increased visibility in the European public sphere

A real crisis?


  • Didem Doganyilmaz Duman Halic University in Istanbul


Migration, Emigration and immigration, Pluralism, Cultural, Multiculturalism, Refugees, Muslim, Populism, Political parties -- Europe, Islam -- Europe


It is believed that the massive flow of refugees and dramatically increased asylum applications from Muslim societies to member countries of the European Union will cause significant change in the demographic characteristics of those countries. Although the presence of Muslims is not a recent phenomenon in Europe, their increased visibility has become once again a dominant political discourse for right-wing political parties. The important question is whether the Muslim presence has become a component of the post-truth politics of the political leaders of these parties, or whether it constitutes a real threat to European society. Does the European Union, then, face a real crisis? If so, what is the nature of the crisis – is it a refugee crisis, an identity crisis, or even worse, is it a crisis of tolerance? This paper analyses the political atmosphere and its effects on society in terms of an increased visibility of Muslims and Islamic symbols in the European public sphere in order to answer those questions.




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Duman, D. D. (2018). Islam’s increased visibility in the European public sphere: A real crisis?. Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis, 28, 68–91.