The Story of an Unusual Book

  • Sebastian Cwiklinski


The article analyses the history of a Festschrift dedicated in 1987 to Ymär Daher (1910–1999), a
well-known activist in the Tatar community of Finland. Two aspects of the volume are discussed
in detail: why there was an astonishingly high number of Tatar authors from the Soviet Union and
why one of the Tatar-language articles in the volume was published not in Cyrillic, the official
script for the language in the Soviet Union, but in Arabic script. The article tries to find answers to
these questions by following the life and the networking activities of the jubilee of the Festschrift
and the life of Enže Säġidova (1921–1997), the author of the Arabic-script article in the volume.

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Cwiklinski, S. (2020). The Story of an Unusual Book. Studia Orientalia Electronica, 8(2), 96-109.