Об одной функции адвербиаля -я в удмуртском языке (как пример языковой стандартизации)

  • Svetlana Edygarova


This paper deals with the contemporary Udmurt language which demonstrates extensive influence from Russian. It is misleading, however, to think that a strong influenceof a prestige language in a minority language would indicate a poorer version of the language in question. Despite Udmurt being a living, rich language, the ways in which people use it depends on their sociolinguistic background. Here, empirical data gathered by means of a translation test is used to demonstrate the way in which the informants use the new adnominal function of the Udmurt adverbial case. It is concluded that this use depends on the linguistic background of the individual speaker. In particular, it reflects speakers’ knowledge of different language varieties, such as the standard language, the vernacular and various dialects. It also reflects how speakers have acquired and continue to use these varieties.

Edygarova, S. (2018). Об одной функции адвербиаля -я в удмуртском языке (как пример языковой стандартизации). Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Aikakauskirja, 2017(96), 75–96. Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/susa/article/view/70221