Participation on whose terms? Applied linguistics, politics and social justice

Osallisuutta kenen näkökulmasta? Soveltava kielitiede, politiikka ja sosiaalinen oikeudenmukaisuus



maahanmuutto, osallisuus, sosiaalinen oikeudenmukaisuus, muutos


The aim of this position paper is to engage with the focus of this yearbook on language and participation by revisiting some of the arguments advanced by the North American political philosopher Nancy Fraser, who theorized (1) the structural components that enable and/or constrain participation, and (2) the ways in which we can transform the status quo with a view to achieving a more just society. The paper begins by outlining Fraser’s main ideas; it then moves on to illustrate how this theoretical framework may help us shed light on the dilemmas and/or pitfalls of well-meaning initiatives that seek to enhance adult migrants’ participation. The empirical focus is on courses in civic orientation (samhällsorientering) for newly arrived adult migrants in Sweden. The paper ends with some reflections about the importance of a politically engaged applied linguistics.

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