Kielenkäytön rajoista ja mahdollisuuksista muuttuvissa instituutioissa


  • Niina Hynninen
  • Anna Solin
  • Johanna Vaattovaara
  • Ulla Tiililä
  • Taru Nordlund


institutionaalinen kielenkäyttö, muutos, vuorovaikutus, kielikäsitykset, kieli-ideologia


In this introduction to the 2016 Yearbook of the Finnish Association for Applied Linguistics (AFinLA), we outline key topics and research orientations related to the yearbook theme, “The language user in changing institutions”. We explore concepts such as language regulation, language beliefs and change in discourse practices and discuss a variety of methodological orientations available for exploring these concepts in an applied linguistics framework. Our aim is to draw attention to research that focuses on the dynamics between institutional  structures and individuals’ language awareness and practices. The article describes the three plenary talks held at the 2015 AFinLA Autumn Symposium, focusing on how the plenarists approached the symposium theme. Three topics are raised for detailed exploration in relation to the 11 articles published in the yearbook: classroom interaction, language beliefs and institutional change.