Kiusoittelun kielioppi: nuorten elämää luokkahuoneissa


  • Liisa Tainio


kiusoittelu, kiusaaminen, luokkahuoneen vuorovaikutus, keskustelunanalyysi


Playful interaction, including verbal and non-verbal teasing, is a pervasive element of classroom interaction. The problem is that the borderline between teasing and bullying is very difficult to draw, and teachers find it difficult to identify when teasing between pupils turns into bullying. In an attempt to explore where to draw the borderline, in this article, I analyse classroom interaction focusing on playful interaction particularly between pupils in Finnish secondary schools. The conversation analytic analyses focus on playful interaction that can be identified as verbal or non-verbal teasing. The findings illustrate the tension in classroom interaction between a “formal” position of a pupil and an “informal” position of a mate in peer interaction, which makes it particularly challenging for teachers to differentiate bullying from teasing. To help teachers do this, I conclude by  presenting a small grammar of teasing.