Yksilön ja yhteisön kielitaitoa – maahanmuuttajaopiskelijoiden kertomuksia kommunikointihalukkuudestaan ja käsityksistään suomesta opiskelukielenä ammatillisessa koulutuksessa


  • Jonna Kulju


Suomi toisena kielenä, ammatillinen koulutus, kommunikointihalukkuus, kielikäsitykset


The present study focuses on three immigrants' narratives about Finnish at vocational education. The aim is to investigate how immigrants narrate about willingness to communicate and learner beliefs and how they portray linguistic and social context in the act of narrating. The narratives are extractions from altogether 27 narrative interviews collected by interviewing nine adult immigrants, each three times during a year. The findings of the analysis suggest that even though some narratives are very individual and idiosyncratic, they are nevertheless socially constructed. Therefore, it is possible to create educational spaces, where individuals develop their beliefs about second language and also willingness to communicate.