Itsekriittisistä itsevarmoihin luentoihin – talousuutinen noviisin ja kokeneen lukijan tulkitsemana


  • Heli Katajamäki


talousjournalismi, verkkouutinen, lukutaito, tekstilajitieto


The aim of this study is to discover how readers' expertise and experience of business news can influence their interpretation of online business news. The data was collected by interviews with one inexperienced reader who has no special interest in business news and one experienced newspaper reader who reads business newspapers regularly. The study is based on Bhatia's genre theory and critical discourse analysis. The findings show differences in interpretations between the two readers, which might be based on their different level of expertise on business issues. The inexperienced reader’s interpretation seemed “entrepreneurial, self-critical and searching for the correct meaning”, whereas the interpretation of the experienced reader seemed more “selective, analytical, deliberative and confident”. Both interpretations are uncritical, which might be the result of the combination of a specific genre (news), the subject (macroeconomic, unpolitical) as well as a certain degree of indoctrination when it comes to neoliberal ideology.