Osallisena yhteisessä arjessa

Neksusanalyysi maahanmuuttajaäitien arjen kielitarinoista


  • Minna Intke Hernández Helsingin yliopisto


kieleen sosiaalistuminen, kieleily, maahanmuuttajaäidit


This paper studies what migrant mothers in Finland say about their social relationships, language use and sense of belonging. The main focus of my study is on the mothers’ stories and the factors that they consider relevant for their socialization into the local language and sense of belonging. This longitudinal ethnographic study (2012–2018) explores the case of eleven migrant mothers. The data is analyzed applying nexus analysis (Scollon & Scollon 2004). The study focuses on language socialization and languaging. In everyday contexts, language is understood as a target and it is also used as a central tool in action. The results indicate that multilingual contexts in everyday life are relevant for constructing the sense of belonging since they offer possibility to give and receive social and linguistic support.