”Minäkin olin iloinen, mutta en sanonut heti kyllä” – viestintätaidot, autonomia ja valta osallisuuskokemuksen rakentajina työelämäjaksolla


  • Marjut Männistö Vaasan yliopisto


osallisuus, valta, autonomia, työelämäjakso, viestintätaidot


In this article, I focus on the working life training of highly qualified persons with non-Finnish backgrounds from the perspective of communication skills and inclusion experience. In particular, I am interested in individual autonomy and power in working life contexts during the working life period. The training period is part of integration training in a Finnish context. My aim is to identify opportunities to develop the practices of highly educated learners with non-Finnish backgrounds, in terms of language and communication skills development and workplace inclusion. The research materials consist of the training documentation compiled by the training provider, the ethnographic observations of researcher and the speaking diaries of three trainees. The main results show that trainees are able to set goals for their working life training period in many different ways. Language and communication skills develop in authentic interaction and are an important part of building the experience of inclusion.