Methodological turns in applied language studies


  • Sabine Grasz Oulun yliopisto
  • Tiina Keisanen Oulun yliopisto
  • Florence Oloff Oulun yliopisto
  • Mirka Rauniomaa Oulun yliopisto
  • Iira Rautiainen Oulun yliopisto
  • Maarit Siromaa Oulun yliopisto


metodologia, soveltava kielentutkimus, soveltava kielitiede, tutkimusaineistot, tutkimusmenetelmät


The theme of the AFinLA 2020 Yearbook Methodological turns in applied language studies is discussed in this introductory article from three interrelated perspectives, variously addressed in the three plenary presentations at the AFinLA Autumn Symposium 2019 as well as in the thirteen contributions to the yearbook. In the first set of articles presented, the authors examine the role and impact of technological development on the study of multimodal digital and non-digital contexts and discourses and ensuing new methods. The second set of studies in the yearbook revisits issues of language proficiency, critically discussing relevant concepts and approaches. The third set of articles explores participation and participatory research approaches, reflecting on the roles of the researcher and the researched community.