1930: Vol. I (Old series)

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Editorial disclaimer: In 2019, the publisher of Arctos decided to digitize and re-publish all previously published volumes of the journal (vols. 1–51 and Supplementa 1–2) in open-access form. Simultaneously, the contributions have been re-licensed with Creative commons license standard CC BY-NC, now commonly used in scientific publishing. Prior to republication, we have contacted all the authors (or other copyright owners) for permissions. In some cases, we have, despite our best efforts, not been able to reach the copyright owners. In these cases, we have decided to publish the contributions without explicit permissions, in order to promote free availability of scientific publications. We encourage such authors (or copyright owners) to contact us for more information. An author (or copyright owner) who has not granted a permission for republication retains the right to withdraw the relevant contribution(s) from this website.

Published: 1931-06-01

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