Call for Book Reviews and Conference Reports 2019


Ethnologia Fennica welcomes book reviews and reports from scholars interested in ethnology and related fields. The reviews and the reports should be in English and they should not exceed 1500 words. Manuscripts will be submitted via Ethnologia Fennica´  s website ( where you can also find more information about submission guidelines. This call for book reviews and conference reports is open until 15 April 2019. The deadline for the next issue is 31st of August 2019. If you would like to write a review or report, please contact editorial secretary Konsta Kajander (

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Current Issue

Vol 45 (2018): Crisis and Recoveries

The current volume (45) of Ethnologia Fennica  focuses on the theme “Crisis and Recoveries”. The three articles published under the theme approach the war and crisis from new perspectives: those of personal narratives and various groups of civil society such as children who have long been excluded from standard historical memory. They also concentrate on the recovery side of crisis: they ask how individual persons and communities have recovered from the crises caused by or related to the war, and how the crisis are commemorated and reinterpreted. Additionally, the articles pay attention to the experiences of the younger generations who have no personal memories of the events but whose lives have been affected by the war and especially by the silences and tension surrounding it.

Published: 2018-12-21



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