CFP Ethnologia Fennica 2/2024: Sensing the urban


The method of sensory ethnography is currently well established. Ethnographers have paid attention to different senses, such as eyesight, sound, smell and touch as well as noticed that the experiences are often multisensorial. It has been suggested that there are even more ways of sensing the world than we acknowledge at the present. For the special issue of Ethnologia Fennica 2/2024 we invite articles that discuss different ways of doing sensory research in urban settings containing sensorial perception, knowing and practices related to city and urban environment in present and through time.

Please submit the abstract by 8 December 2023, and the article manuscript by 22 of March 2024. The deadline for reviews, reports and commentary texts is 31 August 2024. The issue will be published in December 2024. 

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Vol. 50 No. 2 (2023): Hope in Times of Crisis and Transformation
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In this theme issue (2/2023) of Ethnologia Fennica, we ask the following questions: Where can hope be found, and how? Under what circumstances does it emerge and flourish? What kinds of narratives are constructed based on hope? In what kinds of personally overwhelming or global crises and transformations can hope help people imagine new alternatives and become resilient and active? The theme issue contains five research articles, two book reviews and three conference reports. 

Published: 2023-12-20

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