Ethnologia Fennica vol. 46 "Ethnological Knowledge" is out!


New Ethnologia Fennica vol. 46 “Ethnological Knowledge” is out!

The theme of Ethnologia Fennica 2019 volume is Ethnological Knowledge. The five articles in the issue introduce perspectives into contemporary societal issues and processes of change at personal, local, national, and international levels. Based on their research results, some authors make suggestions for more humane and inclusive policy-making or practices that would decrease discrimination and improve transparency. Other texts introduce new methodological and conceptual approaches that involve subjective experience and vernacular regimes of knowledge. One of the articles examines negotiations about the ways in which different professionals and those who are unemployed think about the value of their work and skills as well as their place in the rapidly changing world. We also learn about how labeling and categorizing works in the context of normative and stigmatizing sexual identities, as well as about cultural heritage policy and processes of heritigization.

In addition to these texts, this issue includes four conference reports, including a report on this year’s highlight, the 14th SIEF congress in Santiago de Compostela and on other interesting events. The volume features also with four book reviews.

In 2020, Ethnologia Fennica will turn a new page by introducing two annual issues. These issues will introduce a new text genre: commentaries, which are discussions on current themes in ethnological research. We would like to welcome all ethnologists, both scholars and professionals, to contribute to our future issues.