Call for Commentaries for 48:1 theme volume Rethinking Culture - Making Change


EF is looking for commentaries for the 2021:1 issue of Ethnologia Fennica Rethinking Culture - Making Change. The texts in this volume discusses ways of making change through ethnological research. We welcome texts that discuss different ways of making an impact based on an analysis of the participation and collaboration of various interest groups and the role of research in activism and processes of decision-making. We also encourage texts that engage with the expectations set by funding programs and their agendas.

The deadline for a commentary is April 15, 2021. The issue will be published in autumn 2021.

The purpose of a commentary is to push forward a discussion by providing a new and a different perspective. The goal is to advance ethnological research or discussions related to ethnological research. A commentary should be critical of the discussions it reacts to, but the author must present his or her critique in a fair, respectful, and constructive manner justifying and contextualizing the argument it makes. However, a commentary can also offer an extension of a point made in a previous article or previous discussions and develop an argument further.

Commentaries should have a length of 2000 to 4000 words, including literature references. The title of the commentary must be short and to-the-point, making a clear reference to the key message. Commentaries are not peer-reviewed, and the authors do not have to include an abstract.

Please submit your language revised text through the submission system (

Commentaries are edited by the editorial board of EF. Dr. Viktorija Čeginskas from the University of Jyväskylä will act as visiting Editor-in-Chief for this thematic issue. Editor-in-Chief responsible for the issue is Dr. Tytti Steel.

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