Vol 44 (2017): Material Culture

The study of material culture is one of the core fields that characterize ethnology as a discipline. This year’s volume of Ethnologia Fennica presents contemporary ethnological research on material culture.

This volume of Ethnologia Fennica is the last volume published in print. Starting from the next volume (vol. 45), Ethnologia Fennica will be an electronic open access journal published in Open Journal Systems. The journal’s electronic archive also includes several EF’s previously published volumes. The journal’s new management and publishing service is provided by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and it was launched in 2015. Thanks to the technical and other valuable support from the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and to the funding granted by the Emil and Lempi Hietanen fund of the Seurasaari Foundation, the transition has progressed smoothly, and Ethnologia Fennica is now able to step into the age of open access journals.

Published: 2018-02-15


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