Call for Articles 2021, Special Issue on Contested Categories


Key dates:
Full manuscript submission extended deadline: August 30, 2021
Special issue publication date: December 2021

The Finnish Yearbook of Population Research is a peer reviewed, open access journal published by the Population Research Institute of the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) in collaboration with The Finnish Demographic Society and The Migration Institute of Finland. The Yearbook, published since 1946, deals with a wide range of global demographic issues as well as current population trends in Finland, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, and other parts of Europe. 

We invite you to contribute to the special theme issue of the 2021 volume. The Yearbook publishes articles from different fields of population studies (fertility, mortality, migration, family and population structure), original articles as well as book reviews and commentaries.

The special theme for the 2021 volume is contested categories, but all articles regarding the abovementioned fields of population studies are warmly welcome as well. Themes of the articles can include (but are not restricted to):

  • the statistical categorizations of people by authorities, researchers and other actors
  • the extent to which human categorisations help to undestand, fail to grasp, or misconstruct multiple and shifting social positionings and identities
  • the ways in which categories such as ‘race’, ‘ethnicity’, ‘descent’ or ‘origin’ are used, contested or avoided in different national and political settings, and
  • other potential dilemmas, negotiations and power relations connected to the constructing of categorisations of people

Original articles are peer-reviewed and decisions about publication are made by the editors and the scientific advisory board of the Yearbook. FYPR has implemented the label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and is committed to follow the guidelines for the label.

If you are interested in publishing your manuscript in the next Yearbook, please submit your language revised article in English through the Journal submission system, see information for authors.

The papers should be complemented by an abstract of no more than 150 words. Further instructions to the author, see author guidelines.

Further information:

Saara Pellander, Guest Editor
Migration Institute of Finland

Miika Tervonen, Guest Editor
Senior research fellow
Migration Institute of Finland

Anna Rotkirch, Editor-in-Chief
Research Director
Population Research Institute
Väestöliitto (Family Federation of Finland)
tel. +358 40 776 3086