Katsaus toimittajien käyttämiin lähteisiin ja tietokäyttäytymiseen

  • Maisa Hopeakunnas


The journalists seem to appreciate sources that provide quick and easy access to information. They usually prefer the popular sources too. The internet has becomeone of the most important information sources for journalists. However, it has not replaced the other sources. It is clear that journalists use mostly interview when they seek information. The other information source types are documents and situational sources. Especially the news seem quite often to use also various bodies such as private or public organizations without a designated person as a source. In Information Studies, researchers have proposed several models of information behavior. The new, journalistic information behavior process model proposed here presents the information behavior of journalists in the journalistic process. Although it concentrates on journalist’s information behavior, it includes also the public ant the whole society.

Hopeakunnas, M. (2015). Katsaus toimittajien käyttämiin lähteisiin ja tietokäyttäytymiseen. Informaatiotutkimus, 34(1-2). Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/inf/article/view/53745