Vertaisten tärkeys sukupuolivähemmistöjä koskevan tiedon saamisessa


Gender minorities consist of people who have some kind of conflict between their psychological and biological gender or who are not unambiguously women or men, including transgender and intersex people. My aim is to find out the subjects of information seeking of people of gender minorities, most important information sources and factors affecting to information seeking. Data was conducted by Internet questionnaire at spring 2016. 163 people of gender minorities answered to the questionnaire. Most usual subjects of information seeking were terms and words about gender minorities, peer websites and other people’s written experiences. Most useful sources were own experience, websites of Seta and Transgender support center and friend who is in the same situation. Factors which had slowed down or blocked information seeking most often were the area where person had lived in childhood or in adulthood, general atmosphere and parents. Factors which had contributed information seeking most often were peers, people in organisations (e. g. Seta) and the area where person lives now.
Pohjanen, A. (2016). Vertaisten tärkeys sukupuolivähemmistöjä koskevan tiedon saamisessa. Informaatiotutkimus, 35(3), 65-66. Noudettu osoitteesta
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