Painettu vai e-aineisto yliopisto-opiskelussa: opiskelijoiden suosimat lukuformaatit


This study presents the Finnish results of an international survey concerning the reading preferences of university students: whether they prefer printed or electronic course readings. Sent to 18 Finnish university libraries to be forwarded to their students in March 2015, the web questionnaire and each question received at least 500 answers and hundreds of free comments. The quantitative research material was analysed statistically using tables and diagrams, and the free comments qualitatively. A great majority of informants said they were able to concentrate better on printed texts and remembered the content better than texts in e-format, especially longer texts. Reading from a screen often leads to being tempted to other web pages and tired eyes. Highlighting and annotations contributing to learning were substantially more common in print than in e-format. The results imply the need to further develop e-reading devices before students are willing to read long texts from them.
Kortelainen, T. (2016). Painettu vai e-aineisto yliopisto-opiskelussa: opiskelijoiden suosimat lukuformaatit. Informaatiotutkimus, 35(4), 15-25. Noudettu osoitteesta