Tutkimusaineiston avoin jakaminen – tutkimusorganisaatioiden jäsenten käsityksiä, kokemuksia ja mielipiteitä

Avainsanat: tutkimusaineisto [http://www.yso.fi/onto/yso/p16752], avoin tieto [http://www.yso.fi/onto/yso/p26655], tutkimuslaitokset [http://www.yso.fi/onto/yso/p7563], kyselytutkimus [http://www.yso.fi/onto/yso/p10631], tietoarkistot [http://www.yso.fi/onto/yso/p12336], tieteellinen yhteistyö [http://www.yso.fi/onto/yso/p10380]


Open research data is data that is free to access, reuse, and redistribute. This study focuses on the perceptions, opinions and experiences of staff and researchers of research institutes on topics related to open research data. Furthermore, the differences across gender, role in the research organization and research field were investigated. An international questionnaire survey, translated into Finnish and Swedish, was used as the data collection instrument. An online survey was distributed through an open science related network to Finnish research organizations. In the end, 469 responded to all 24 questions of the survey. Findings indicate that many are still unaware or uncertain about issues related to data sharing and long-term data storage. Women as well as staff and researchers of medical and health sciences were most concerned about the possible problems associated with data sharing. Those in the beginning of their scientific careers, hesitated about sharing their data.

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