Kielikylpy Suomessa varhaiskasvatuksen kentällä – Mihin suunta tulevaisuudessa?


  • Heidi Harju-Luukkainen Helsingin yliopisto, Finland


language immersion, kielikylpy, didactics, didaktiikka, early childhood education, varhaiskasvatus


 The definition of language immersion has been reshaped during its over twenty year history in Finland. Today, it can be seen as a major concept for many different types of Swedish immersion programmes. In this article I firstly discuss the definition of language immersion and its central principles. Secondly, I give an overview of research conducted into language immersion in the field of early childhood education. The purpose of this article is not only to provide a general definition of language immersion but also to provide an overview of studies conducted in the field of early childhood education. Language immersion has provoked relatively little research interest in Finland, considering the number of children involved in the programme. Linguistic related research has been the dominant research area. Consequently, insufficient attention has been given to the definition of language immersion, the development of didactics and practical teacher education. Finnish educational immersion research is still quite modest, and there are many areas in need of development.






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