Exploring the Use of Electronic Media in Young Children’s Lives and its Effects on Brain Development


  • Rafi Antar DePaul University, Chicago, USA


electronic media, young children, parental perspectives, brain development


This paper examines the use of electronic media (television, computers, smartphones, tablets, and video games) in young children’s lives. It also explores parental perspectives towards the use of electronic media by young children. Finally, this paper links the use of electronic media to brain development. Several studies have been noted in this document analysis paper. Ideally, this research will help in raising awareness regarding the frequency children consume electronic media. It will add to the literature around electronic media, children and brain development. It will also be beneficial to parents and early childhood educators, to understand certain behaviors by children, which might be associated to electronic media. To conclude, the use of electronic media by children is still a controversial topic, with a clear effect on brain development.






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