Etäpedagogiikan jäsennyksiä suomalaisessa varhaiskasvatuksessa COVID-19 pandemian alkaessa


  • Jonna Kangas Faculty of Educational Science, University of Helsinki
  • Hanna Niinistö Faculty of Educational Science, University of Helsinki


early-childhood education, distance education, pedagogy, tensions


This study examines early childhood education and its pedagogical tensions during the first Covid-19 wave. When the State of Finland was closed in April
2020 due to the Covid-19, efforts were made to enable education services. In practice, this created a divisive reality: When education in both primary and secondary education was ensured under the mandate of the Government, the only task of early childhood education remained to support the employment of parents. However, early childhood education teachers from all over Finland continued implementation of the pedagogy self-initiated through distance education solutions. The distance pedagogy of early childhood education in Finland is defined and categorized in this research. In the study, we outline what the pedagogy of distance education in early childhood education was like in the spring of 2020 and what tensions arose in its implementation and interaction during the exceptional period. 






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