Suomalainen kulttuuriosallistuminen ja eriarvoisuus: ei-osallistujien jäljillä

  • Riie Heikkilä Helsingin yliopisto


Finnish society is often considered culturally homogeneous, and an aura of middle-class spirit is claimed to label the Finns’ cultural taste and cultural participation. However, it is a well-demonstrated fact that both are intrinsically linked to structural factors like income and social status. The aim of this article is to figure out how Finnish cultural non-participation patterns are distributed in the population and to explore how the leisure time of the non-participants of (highbrow) culture is constructed. Data, a nationally representative survey (n=1388) and household follow-up interviews conducted with its participants (n=28) will be drawn from the research project. The article shows that there are indeed socially motivated differences in cultural participation practices but that cultural non-participation is not necessarily linked to passivity in other spheres of life.

Heikkilä, R. (2017). Suomalainen kulttuuriosallistuminen ja eriarvoisuus: ei-osallistujien jäljillä. Kulttuuripolitiikan Tutkimuksen Vuosikirja, 6-19.