Falangist antisemitism in Spain 1933–1945

Between Catholic influences and fascist racism



Conspiracist Antisemitism, fascism, national socialism, Spain, Falange


Spanish fascists held power for a lengthy period, yet their antisemitism remains underresearched. This article, drawing on periodicals and archival documentation, specifically examines the early years of the Falange until 1945. The period was characterised by a significant surge in antisemitic sentiment in Spain, accompanied by a growing presence of the alleged ‘Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy’. Representing the first in-depth approach in English, the text is divided into four parts. The first serves as an introduction to the outbreak of antisemitism and conspiracy theories within the political cultures of the Spanish illiberal right following the advent of democracy in 1931. The second focuses on fascism and its four most prominent figures up to 1936. The third analyses the Falange’s pronounced antisemitism during the Spanish Civil War, exploring both its internal and external influences. The fourth and final part addresses the fervently antisemitic stance of the Falange during the decisive years of the Second World War, navigating the tensions between Nazi antisemitic racism and Catholic anti-racist antisemitism.

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Morant i Ariño, T. (2024). Falangist antisemitism in Spain 1933–1945: Between Catholic influences and fascist racism. Nordisk judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies, 35(1), 129–148. https://doi.org/10.30752/nj.142266