Jidische Volkschtime


  • Morton Narrowe Stockholm


Media and religion, Yiddish newspapers, Jewish newspapers, Zionism, Jews -- Sweden, Press, Jewish, Politics and Judaism, Yiddish language


The Jidische Folkschtime in Stockholm like its predecessor, Jüdische Volkstimme in Copenhagen, was a limited inter-Scandinavian publication. Stockholm’s first Yiddish language product was printed in 1916, a flyer called Marcheshvan 5677. In the flyer the aim of the newspaper is defined: “In a few day the Jidische Folkschtime, the organ of the Scandinavian Zionist Union, will begin publishing a weekly newspaper. Its major task will be to participate in the deepening and the spreading of the national-renewal concept among the Jews in Scandinavia and neighboring lands. The Jidische Folkschtime will not merely be a party organ. The Zionist movement has always remained in close contact with the various expressions of folk life and even more now than ever, when one observed the Zionists in the fore front, everywhere – whenever any type of folk work is taking place. As befitting Zionist organ, the Jidische Folkschtime will, naturally, be a general Jewish newspaper. In it all contemporary problems of Jewish public life will seriously and carefully receive the thoughtful consideration that the present hour demands. The reader will be informed about everything happening in the Jewish world.”



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