Hur förmedlas antijudiska stereotyper av kristna författare – och varför?


  • Ulrika Lindblad Helsingfors universitet


Antisemitism in literature, Stereotype (Psychology), Christianity and Judaism, Theology, Catholic


Anti-Jewish stereotypes are often unwittingly handed on by theologians in different fields. Surprisingly many theologians appear to dissociate biblical-theological anti-Judaism entirely from actually existing Jews. This may be because “the Jews” or “the Pharisees” are frequently accorded a symbolic function as “the world” (enemies of God and man, of the true faith”. Even critical theologians as well as some Christian feminists have received the classical anti-Jewish stereotypes and put them to new use. Many people who, in other circumstances, severely criticize anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism, appear to think some modified forms of anti-Judaism are necessary for theological purposes. Facts, theories and interpretations are still frequently taken from sources which are markedly anti-Jewish. Those who are not engaged in exegetics or Jewish studies still too rarely consult Jewish sources or scholarly studies by experts.



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Lindblad, U. (1993). Hur förmedlas antijudiska stereotyper av kristna författare – och varför?. Nordisk judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies, 14(2), 144–154.