Christian relations with Judaism and Jewish people: theory and practice


  • Karin Weinholt


Christianity and Judaism, Dialogue (Theology), Image of God, Salvation, Jewish theology, Torah, Bible, New Testament -- Relation to Old Testament, Sacred books, Messiah


The stipulation of terms, that are topics of vital importance to Judaism, is gathered around 4 subjects: 1) Scripture and tradition, 2) the idea of God, 3) the idea of man, and 4) the conception of salvation. Following each subject I shall point out possible ground for a dialogue between Jewish and Christian theologians. To my mind the relations with Judaism and the Jewish people have to be in dialogue. It is a try to move from theory to practice. In Judaism of today the interpretations and teachings of the Talmudic rabbis and sages are still valid. Not as dogmas, of which Judaism has very few, in reality there is still one, that of the one true God. This state of affairs is related to the character of Jewish tradition: It is everlasting debate.



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Weinholt, K. (1998). Christian relations with Judaism and Jewish people: theory and practice. Nordisk judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies, 19(1-2), 109–122.