Bibeltolkningens mekanismer bortom metod och perspektiv. Om Anton Fridrichsen och judarna


  • Anders Runesson Lunds universitet


Fridrichsen, Anton, 1888-1953, Christianity and Judaism, Antisemitism in literature, Sweden, Theologians, Swedish


Focusing on the New Testament scholar Anton Fridrichsen and his presentation of Jews and Judaism in his book Fyrahanda sädesåker, the present article deals with the problem of factors beyond the conscious application of methods and perspectives that influence the interpretation of the Bible. It is argued that Fridrichsen, who had worked with questions pertaining to methods used in Biblical scholarship and the relation between the academic world and the church (insisting on the purely historical task of the scholar) did not apply his methodological program “realistisk bibelutläggning” when describing Judaism. Thus, Fridrichsen’s negative view on Jews and Judaism was not the result of a conscious methodological approach. The negative portrayal of Judaism is nevertheless consciously and consequently applied as a negative background to Jesus and Christianity. A possible reason for this, it is argued, could have been that Fridrichsen interpreted Judaism, especially Pharisaism, as intellectual elitism and wanted to preserve his church from such influence. Finally, it is stated that the present article is not to be seen as in any way a final answer to the interpretation of Fridrichsen’s works but more as a call for a more comprehensive analysis of his writings regarding these questions.



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Runesson, A. (1999). Bibeltolkningens mekanismer bortom metod och perspektiv. Om Anton Fridrichsen och judarna. Nordisk judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies, 20(1-2), 115–121.