Views on cultic place-names in Denmark: a review of research

  • Bente Holmberg
Keywords: Denmark, Scandinavia, Names, Geographical, Gods and goddesses, Norse, Cults, Methodology


Although interest has long been shown in the meaning of place-names, place-name research as a methodical study has only a comparatively short history. A favourite topic for several authors has been to describe the history of an area on the basis of its place-names. From among all the names in the district, they would select now one and now another. Sometimes they would add a little non-onomastic source material and gradually they would reconstruct — on an exceptionally fragile foundation — a picture of the cultic past of the region. However, Danish place-names containing pre-Christian elements, in spite of their small number, may form an important source of information about the history of religion.
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Holmberg, B. (1990). Views on cultic place-names in Denmark: a review of research. Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis, 13, 381-393.