Vol 13 (1990): Old Norse and Finnish Religions and Cultic Place-Names

In September 1986 the Nordic Cooperation Committee for Humanistic Research presented a report on the research into Norse religion within the Nordic region. The report pointed out the need for intensified research efforts in the field, declaring it to be matter that should be of greatest importance for Nordic scholars. The Donner Institute reacted swiftly to this call by arranging a symposium on the theme the following year together with the philological research organisation Nordic Cooperation Committee for Place-Name Studies (NORNA).

The articles included in the volume thus represent two main categories: firstly, research into pre-Christian religious beliefs and cultic practices in the Nordic region and, secondly, research into place-names from the same period and the light they may shed on beliefs and cults in the pre-Christian era.

Published: 1990-01-01